We are a fun bunch of little birds who are in a flight cage with 3 zebra finches. Our foster mom think that at least one is male because of the beautiful songs and the rest are of us are female.


We are fun to watch and make the best noises. There is always activity going on in the cage as we fly from perch to toy to food to perch. We are very busy birds. At night though we all squish together on the perch; sometimes we are so squished we are on top of each other in a tower.


We love our veggies, fruit and mash and eat everything we are given. Rarely do we leave anything behind.


Giving us a spritz bath once a week will keep us clean but we also have a bath hanging from the side of the cage we use on a regular basis that will need to be changed at least twice a day. We like to be very clean.


If you are looking for birds for companionship who are easy to take care of we are it. Contact EBR to find out how to make us your new family members.

6 Cute Finches

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Unknown

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