EBR would like to give a big Thank You to the following people and organizations for their help and dedication to our rescue!

Dr. Sean of Santa Clara Animal Hospital

For all his work with our rescue fids even offering to see them on an emergency basis at no cost and also giving free phone advice.

Jaclyn Rudebeck

at Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene for supporting our orientation classes and toy making parties.

Daniel Deutsch

Money donation


Thank you! 

Jim James and your absolutely terrific staff at the Petco Tualatin store. WHO MADE THIS HAPPEN! Our Adoption Event at the Tualatin Petco was a huge success and we thank everyone who attended. Our wonderful Volunteers: Laura & Tony, Sarah & Amy, Jan, Shauna & Ryan, Kayla, Debbie, Christine, and Jarrine (and all our Face Book and Website readers who stopped by to say Hello) Thank you for giving your Saturday for the love of our rescue birds.

Patty Day of Gresham Oregon

Money donations

Tara Richards

Monthly donations

Hanna Andersson Corporation

Money Donation 

Gia Whitney and Bill Blodgett

Money Donation 

Bruce and Bonnie Whitney

Money Donation 

Roni Sparks

Grooming and everything else you can think of

Dr. Linter and the Avian Medical Center

All your work with Ruku 

McKenzie Animal Hospital

All your work with all the rescue birds 

Dr. Troy Everson

Your special attention to a cockatoo with an emergency.

Morgan Welles

Money Donation 

Pipe Dreams Aviary

They have been very helpful in placing birds in forever homes including our latest adoption of Hyme and Trapper. Kim, Luke, and daughter Jayden own Pipe Dreams Aviary in Albany,Oregon. They provide rehabilitation, placement and education for exotic birds, pigeons, doves, gamebirds, small animals like guinea pigs, reptiles, ferrets, rats, mice, frogs, tortoises, tarantulas, scorpions and other invertebrates.They have been doing this for 24 years out of their home. They provide free classes to help these species of animals and their owners.They also provide transport and emergency takein for several wildlife facilities.They do about 100 free educational presentations throughout the Northwest yearly. They work with police departments, wildlife facilities, ODFW, USFG. ODA and USDA.They work very closely with all ethical rescues in Oregon and Washington who have the same goal as us: to educate.

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