Auto - Parakeet

Hatch Date: Unkown               

Sex: Male

Must be adopted with his friend Gizmo (lovebird)

Hi I am Auto. How did I get my name? Well I flew into an Autozone and landed on a humans head. The shelter gave me my name. I am extremely friendly and know how to step up so I was obviously someone’s pet but no one called to claim me.

You know how they say great things come in small packages?  I have personality plus! My foster moms love me and I make them laugh. I am not much for cuddling but love to hang out on your arm and shoulder running around. Sometimes I have been known to whisper sweet nothings in an ear. Where ever Gizmo goes I follow even if on a foster moms head or shoulder, a closet, someone else’s cage, or into trouble. We are quite fun to have around.

My favorite activity is playing with Gizmo my lovebird friend. Gizmo and I fly around the room looking for fun things to explore. A hanging cord becomes a rope, a dark spot becomes a fort but only with Gizmo. She brings out the adventurous side in me. We were both found outside so maybe that is why we get along so well.We are free flighted and our cage door is never closed. We live in a bedroom with finches, parakeets, and cockateils and all get along well.

I love swings, mirrors and rings that I can climb through. I am a very busy bird always chirping, running, flying, playing and being absolutely adorable.

I love Kale and broccoli and will check out my veggie bowl before anything else. A calcium block doesn’t last long and millet is a great training tool.

I am a dominant personality but not overly aggressive. I just like things in the cage to be a certain way. I haven’t met a bird I can’t get along with once they know my rules. But actually Gizmo has the run of our new place. She is simply divine so I let her have the control.  We are bonded and do have to be adopted together.

My perfect home is one with no yucky cats. I don’t like the way they look at me. Also my new family will have to be very careful with doors as we have already proven we can escape. But I can promise we will be a great companions and you will never be bored.

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