Penelope - Bronze Wing Pionus

Penelope - Update from her new family

We took Penelope to her new home on Sunday, and she is SO happy there!


Here is the report from her new mom, LaVeda: 


"She seems completely content here! Day three, a visit to the living room, a banana chip on top of an open cage, stepped right up and we went to spend time with Cheryl!" (roomate)

Hello, my name is Penelope.

I am a Bronze Wing Pionus. I was born in 1997, so I am a senior lady. I don’t show many signs of my age, other than I am a little more sedentary than my younger cousins.

I am very quiet for a parrot. I mostly make some soft trills when I am happy, and a funny ‘Hoo Hoo Hoo’ when one of my parronts gets close to the drawer they keep my favorite treats in, just in case they might forget to stop by and give me one. I just love those dried banana chips! My other favorite food is the wonderful mash my parronts make. Cooked veggies with a few grains and seeds, plus some pellets mixed in and blended all up. Yum!

I am a friendly bird. I love head scratches and will let just about anyone reach into my cage to scratch my head. I don’t like being taken out of my cage much, but once out I am fine and will perch on your arm or a stand.

My parronts love me, but as they adopted and fostered more and bigger birds I got more and more anxious. They have decided that for my sake I would be happier in a quieter house with just people, or maybe one other quiet bird. Macaws and Cockatoos are a little too much for me!

If you would like to meet me I am usually at the Eugene Meet and Greets. I would love for you to come by and give me head scratches!

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