Alciel - Parakeet

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Unknown

Alciel - Green Parakeet

Hi Alciel here..the beautiful green one. My foster mom thinks I am probably the brightest most stunning little bird she has ever seen. My colors are amazing. My former owner loved me very much but was unable to keep me because of housing but I was very well taken care of.


I am an active little bird and I  like to climb all over my cage exploring all the spaces.  I love to chew on the balsam wood towers and then climb in and out through the holes. It is a messy but fun toy that provides hours of entertainment. I also like my wicker balls and will chew pieces off to play with.  My foster moms have offered me lots of other toys but I haven’t really found them very interesting yet. They keep trying though!


I love broccoli and kale. Apples and sweet potato is pretty good too.

Once a week I get a nice misting so I stay clean and pretty. They gave me a birdie bathtub but I think it is a great perch but not much else.


I'm not hand tame but with work could be great little friend who will hang out with you. EBR can teach you some tips and tricks to training. But if nothing else I am entertaining to watch play and climb all over the cage. I also make beautiful music for you to enjoy. Please a home with no cats. I have already decided I don’t like them and the way they look at me. It is very scary.

I need a home that will understand my needs. I'm missing a few of my toes. I also can't be around male parakeets. They drive my wild and I can't stop laying eggs around them.

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