Ama - Hahns Macaw

I am Ama a beautiful little macaw who is looking for a new forever home. I am a talkative bird who loves to have conversations with my humans but I can never understand what they say to me and they don’t understand me either. But my foster mom and I love to talk together. I am not what you would call noisy though. When my foster mom had company I played for a while and then decide to go to bed. I did not disrupt her time with her friends. I have been told I have a very sweet voice.


I like to climb all over my toys monkeying across them from one side of the cage to the other. I am quite the acrobat. My favorite toys are my swing, rings, and bells. I like to just chill in my cage ringing and swinging for hours. I will not venture outside my cage even when the door is open so am not what they call a “traveler”.


Almonds are my favorite nut and I bet if you feed them to me for a few weeks I will learn to trust you. I am a very good eater and love my greens and fruits.


I am really good at putting myself to bed at night around 6:30-7 settling into my hidey hut for the night. Then I am quiet until morning. My hut will need to be replaced every couple of months as I tend to tear it up settling in each night.


I have been in rescue for a long time and my foster moms don’t understand why. I am very entertaining, pretty easy to take care of, and not very messy. I will take time to get comfortable with my new human(s) as I am a bit shy around new people. Don’t get me wrong I will still talk to you and be totally entertaining.


Remember my name is Ama and contact EBR if you are interested in meeting me. I can promise to be a great companion with the patience and love.


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Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Possibly female

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