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Umbella Cockatoo

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Stormy is a dream to live with, smart, curious, affectionate, a real sweetheart. She is wonderfully calm and not a biter. She loves to “dig” around on the top of her cage, and likes to chew wooden toys. She will excitedly play in a shallow bowl of water, and has recently learned to take a shower, maybe for the first time. When greeted she will say “Hi Stormy” or “Hi baby.”Stormy loves to be around people, and can scream quite loudly when she thinks she’s being abandoned, or when she gets excited. Otherwise she is generally quiet, with occasional cute grumbling. She will tolerate another bird quite well, but will not socialize with it, preferring the company of people. She has recently been learning to step up and down, but could use more training at that.She likes having her neck rubbed, and can use human help with her preening, which she puts up with within limits. She is fully feathered but does not try to fly, except when she is startled, when she might “fly” to the floor.Stormy likes to eat fruits and vegetables and Nutri-berries, and will pulverize Harrison’s pellets. She also needs lots of fresh water to drink, more than most parrots anyway.She was rescued over a year ago from a bad situation, where she was left covered all day and not let out of her cage for over a year. Given her background, Stormy is remarkably friendly, sociable, and gentle. Because of her long lifespan, Stormy's foster parent hopes for a new owner under 50 who will make her their forever companion.




Age or hatch date:

12 years old


Presumed female

Best qualities:

Funny and smart

Favorite food:

Olives and almonds

Favorite toys:

Baby toys

Dowel or step-up trained:



Quite loud


"Mama hungry"

Health issues:


Gets along with birds:


Gets along with dogs:


Gets along with cats:


Gets along with kids:


Foster home has expressed interest in adopting this bird:


Last updated: 5/27/2019

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