Betty is an adorable 17 year old female Goffins Cockatoo ready to find her new forever perch! She’s good with everyone but her foster home feels she needs a little more calm and quiet to be her happiest.

She isn’t super keen on the larger parrots but is fine in the company of smaller birds. Betty does not show interest in interacting with birds at all but she will fly to where they are if her people are busy or not around.

She takes a few months to adjust and gets spooked easily until then. She is flighted and will fly away. She spent a few weeks on the kitchen light fixture pole when she was out of her cage. It is recommended to allow her space to adjust in whatever way is comfortable for her and safe.

Being flighted, she will fly to the people she wants to hang out with. Betty will station and step up to perch when placed but will fly back to the person she wants to be with right away. This can take several times to accomplish and she needs that person to patiently repeat the action until she stays.

Betty will become aggressive to any bird or person who shows aggression (or perceived aggression) towards her. She holds a grudge. She will divebomb and fly to her target and fight for dominance. This is the dynamic that she had with her person’s partner for years and became dangerous for him to be around.

She needs all the people in the family to equally work with her and to not back down. Like all birds, she will bite when she’s being a brat. She gives warning bites when she doesn’t feel like stepping up.

A typical too, she’s silly, dances, says some phrases, wants to be a Velcro bird with her people. She’s be best suited for someone who works from home or is retired. She’s happy to hang out on a shoulder, in a lap or on a perch near her people. She steps up to a hand easily and loves to bathe in the misters! She plays a silly game where she will hang out on your chest and will decorate your face with preened feathers.
She is not destructive but she will scream non stop if left alone so she will not thrive in a home where her people are gone for several hours a day.




Age or hatch date:

October of 2005



Best qualities:

She is playful, loves attention, and is silly.

Favorite food:

Apples, melon and raw cauliflower

Favorite toys:

Wooden blocks to chew on

Dowel or step-up trained:

Yes, to hand or arm


Per her current owner: She has been screaming more. She bit my husband hard and has off and on dive bombed my children. She likes them sometimes, but not others.


Animated mumbling

Health issues:



Gets along with birds:


Gets along with dogs:


Gets along with cats:


Gets along with kids: