Chattering Lory



I am Mariah and I am ready to rock! I really like hanging and soaring around my foster house. I love attention and being part of the action. I can make many kinds of pretty whistles and honks to entertain myself, and I will also call to you to make sure you can find your way back to me

I can step up, but only when I want to. I love to sit on a shoulder hang out. I love bobbing my head and if I trust you, I will hang upside down and headbang.

I would suggest doing some research on me since we have a very special diet. We are nectar eaters and so special food will need to be supplied. We also can be a little messier than other birds because our special diet gives us liquid poops. My foster family can share some tricks for managing this. It's really important you feed me properly, otherwise I can have serious health issues. For this reason, you probably need to show you've done your research or you have had a Lory before.

My foster family has this to say about me: "Mariah LOVES hanging out with her people on a shoulder, knee, head, or nearby perch. She can also be independent at times too, choosing to fly back to her cage to play with her hanging toys or perch on top of the cage to hang out while we work from home. She likes to preen your fingers and also likes to hang upside down and rough-house or wrestle your hands on her back--this is typical lory/lorikeet behavior, clowns of the bird world! Based on her flock-oriented behavior and her special diet, Mariah would thrive in an environment where someone could be home frequently. She's a fantastic bird for anyone looking to add a playful lory to their family!"




Age or hatch date:

Unknown, but she is at least 6 years old.



Best qualities:

Beautiful, full of energy, a beautiful flyer, playful

Favorite food:

Nectar, juice smoothies

Favorite toys:

Straw type toys to shred, wiffle balls, anything that has spaces where she can stick her tongue to investigate it or that she can pick apart. She also likes short hanging toys that she can grab while upside down and whip around.

Dowel or step-up trained:

Yes, but only when she wants to


Can be hard to put to bed. Has a special diet. Easily woken up.


"Meow", "bye bye", "Hello," "What doing?" and whistles

Health issues:



Gets along with birds:

If they respect her space

Gets along with dogs:


Gets along with cats:

Yes, a little too well

Gets along with kids: