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King Parrot




*** This bird is currently on our Waitlist and is with their current owner. It may be possible to visit and adopt this bird prior to it being moved to a foster home. Please keep in mind that birds on the Waitlist may not have had a veterinary visit. Their owners may or may not be caring for the bird at EBR minimum standards of care.***

Max is fully flighted and flies around the house. Would love a flying partner. Max loves to fly and will fly around coming as close to you as possible. He loves sitting behind his person or on their shoulder and chewing on clothes or on my hair. He is harness-trained. He will sit on a shoulder and likes to be petted when outside on the harness. Max easily steps up on a handheld perch and you can move him to wherever. He is a beautiful bird and a joy to have flying around.



Age or hatch date:

Unknown, at least 10+



Best qualities:

Great flyer

Favorite food:

Sleek and Sassy Hookbill seeds. Enoys Higgins Worldly Cuisines, peas and corn, almonds or walnuts, most fruits and veggies. Blueberry is his favorite! He would do great with a bird companion.

Favorite toys:

Dowel or step-up trained:

step up to dowel, harness trained



Health issues:


Gets along with birds:

Gets along with dogs:

Gets along with cats:

Gets along with kids:

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