Solomon Eclectus




*** This bird is currently on our Waitlist and is with their current owner. It may be possible to visit and adopt this bird prior to it being moved to a foster home. Please keep in mind that birds on the Waitlist may not have had a veterinary visit. Their owners may or may not be caring for the bird at EBR minimum standards of care.***

Tiko's current owner has the following to say about him: "I adopted Tiko in June 2021. I was able to speak to Tiko’s previous owner before she passed away and learned that Tiko is approximately 17 years old and has been plucking most of his life after a traumatic incident in which he witnessed his mate being killed by a cockatoo. He was then given to a rescue organization in California from which his previous owner adopted him.

Tiko loves to spend most of his day outside of his cage, either on your shoulder or up high on a play stand hanging from the ceiling. He speaks a few phrases, including his name, and has a large vocabulary of noises he picked up from his former African Grey roommate. However, he will only make these noises if you're out of the room or not paying attention to him. Tiko readily steps up onto your hand, and if he thinks it's too far away, he'll gently use his beak to bring your hand closer to him. Tiko is an extremely gentle bird who enjoys spending time with his people. If he doesn't want to step up, he will use his beak to gently push your hand away. He also allows his nails to be trimmed without being restrained.

Like most parrots, Tiko does the majority of his vocalizations in the morning and when his people (flock) have left the room (to check on their status). Like all eclectus, his vocalizations are LOUD. Meal time is his favorite time, and he really enjoys helping out with meal preparation.

Tiko is an amazingly sweet older bird that is looking for some one to love and for some one to love him back."



Tiko has a feather-plucking problem. According to his previous owner, he has been plucking most of his life.

Age or hatch date:

Approximately 17 years old



Best qualities:

Tiko is an extremely loving companion and a gentle bird. He has never severely bit any one and just enjoys being around people.

Favorite food:

Pomegranate, apple, and walnuts (as treats)

Favorite toys:

His human.

Dowel or step-up trained:

Yes, to hand or arm.




Tiko, Hi Tiko, Are you okay?, You okay?

Health issues:

Tiko has a feather-plucking problem. According to his previous owner, he has been plucking most of his life.



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