Zazu is part of our Foster-in-Place program, which means he gets to stay with his current owner until an adopter is found. His current owner has the following to say about him:

"Zazu is a 40+ year old mellow bird. He's a little set in his ways and daily timeline, but with time and attention he will become a great chit chat companion. He likes to be up when the sun comes up, and in bed when it's dark out. He sleeps really well, and has never been noisy at night - only if I sleep in for too long and he's ready for breakfast. =)
He prefers adult women physically near him, but likes to talk to men and kids (and any pets in the house!). He's content to sit on his cage, or walk around the house on the floor, but he's not super excited about being on your shoulder for a long period of time. That may change if you are able to be more consistent with him, as I think he secretly likes it.
He loves cheese and cheese crackers, and will gently take treats from anyone who is offering them.
He is not afraid of cats (my cats are pretty afraid of him though), and he will actually play with the dog when he's out of his cage on the floor.
He likes to call the dog, and then laugh at her when she comes running to no one, is great at mimicking different voices and laughs, and picks up words quickly when you have the time to teach them. Huge bonus if you can whistle. He loves to whistle with anyone who will whistle with him.
Zazu loves pop music (Ke$ha is one of his favorites), and will dance when in the mood.
He does like to talk over you when you're on the phone, and likes going outside in his cage in the summertime to check out all the other birds and animals and get some fresh air.
He's a great guy and I hope you will have more time to dedicate to him than I do so he can flourish and be happy in a new home."




Age or hatch date:

40+ years old


Presumed male

Best qualities:

Great chit chat companion

Favorite food:

Cheese and cheese crackers

Favorite toys:

Cardboard, Rope to tear apart, puzzle toys with wood pieces

Dowel or step-up trained:



Set in his ways and daily schedule.


Various words; hey, yo, Eric, Callie, come here, hi bird, hey biiiird, hi baby, love you, lots of whistles, clicks, noises that happen in the house (door opening, microwave beeping, smoke detector)

Health issues:



Gets along with birds:


Gets along with dogs:


Gets along with cats:


Gets along with kids: