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Baby - Timneh African Grey

Hatch Date: 1999

Sex: Male

Baby is featured in both our small and large bird pages.

I am a beautiful Timney African Grey, a deep grey bird, with a lovely maroon tail, and tinges of purple and lavender on the tips of my underbody white feathers. I am about ½ the size of the larger orange-tailed Africans (7” or so). I am sweet, affectionate, and friendly, and readily step up. I am a pretty quiet parrot, as parrots go. I like being around someone, preferably my favorite gal. And I will play with my toys in my cage willingly. I am not a big talker but can say my name and various things like 'whatchdoin?' and pretty bird, pretty baby bird, baby baby, and I mimic water running.


I prefer to whistle vs talk and I have a variety of tunes. I tend to be quiet when I am on my own during the day or with you while you work. However, in the evening when the flock is having dinner I usually pipe up and want to talk. If you happen to want to talk to someone on the phone, I really want to be part of that conversation and will chime in. Sorry!


I like a calm environment and routine. I would like to have breakfast and dinner with you, and be with you when you are home. I get lonely if I am by myself, but can tolerate that if the rest of the time I have your attention. I am great at just hanging out, watching tv, or reading, or perhaps getting a neck and head scratch. I am not really touchy, but give nice kisses, and if I am in the mood, you can rub my head and neck. 


I prefer good, healthy food, and am not sure what to do with junk. I like variety, and will eat cherries, watermelon, apple, and for breakfast I like oatmeal and walnuts. I like beans and rice, pasta, and whatever you are eating for dinner. I eat pellets, Harrison Bird Foods and don’t like the sweet big box stuff, I also eat oat groats, safflower seeds, and almonds.


I prefer women to the point of not being nice to guys. Sorry! I don’t mind other birds around, but I like being in charge and the focus. I would prefer not to be alone all day long by myself, will tolerate that if the reward is lots of time with you later. I do like quiet time during the day. I am happiest when I am with you though. I can sit on my cage and preen or play with my toys while you work and do stuff. I do not like a lot of hub-bub in my house or life. I can take a couple of dogs that are trust-worthy. I am used to being out of my cage, and do not really wander unless you leave me alone too long.


Owner note: This is a bird that has been loved and cared for, he is unique and a wonderful mate. He has no real issues, doesn’t pluck, and other than not liking men (not uncommon for birds to prefer one or the other), he is a really great friend to have. The only reason I am looking for a new home for him is that my life has gotten very intense with running two businesses. And I have little time for him now. He needs more attention.  

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