Baila - Major Mitchells Cockatoo

Hatch Date: 1998

Sex: Unknown

Foster in Place

Hi my name is pronounce Bye-la and I am gorgeous. I am a one-person bird who is very sensitive and can have a very strong personality. I tend to like women because their voices are sweet and high.


I love all kinds of veggies and fruits and especially banana and melon. My mom also makes me birdie bread that is yummy. She will give you the recipe if you adopt me.


I love getting bathed with a spray bottle and then a cool temperature blow dry. I will lift my wings and then become a very affectionate bird afterwards.


I don’t talk but I do have a lot of sounds that I make.


I need someone with lots of Cockatoo experience who is in a stable quiet home environment with no kids. I don’t handle change well and don’t enjoy car rides. I get car sick. I also can get over stimulated or can be bossy if I want something bad enough. But I am so entertaining and love to be on the kitchen counter hanging out playing in cereal boxes or with my plastic toys.  It is my favorite place to be.


I am not overly affectionate bird, but I enjoy being close and attention from my parront. If you are a person with Cockatoo experience contact EBR to set up time to meet.

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