Umbrella Cockatoo
Age or Hatch Date: 9/23/1996

Gender: Male 

Best qualities: Barney is extremely well-behaved. He is generally quiet, although he will sometimes yell if he wants our company.

Favorite food: Pistachios and bananas.

Favorite toys: Wood blocks.

Challenges/Quirks: He is afraid of most men that he doesn't know, although once he's comfortable around them he adores them.

Gets along with other birds: Unknown

Gets along with dogs: Mostly ignores them, but may bite them if they harass him.

Gets along with cats: Mostly ignores them, but may bite if harassed.

Gets along with kids: If they are calm, mature and/or older kids

Dowel or Step Up trained: Yes, as well as a few other tricks and commands.

Vocabulary: "Hi", "How are you?," "Cockatoo," "I love you," "Uh-huh," and "Oy! Kvetch."

Known health issues: None currently. Treated for Zinc toxicity 10+ years ago.

Other comments: Barney is a foster-in-place bird, meaning he will stay with his current owner until an adopter is found. 

Last updated: 4/3/2019

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