Monty - Blue & Gold Macaw

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Possibly Male

I am a stunning bird if I do say so myself. My colors are amazing and bright and my tail feathers long and beautiful. All in all I am an amazing specimen of a bird. You should come see me and gawk at my gorgeousness.


I came to EBR when my former owner could no longer take care of me but lived a pretty good life up til then. I am new to rescue so my foster mom is still learning about my likes and dislikes. For the most part I am pretty easy going. I like to sit on top of my cage watching everything going on around me. I am not bothered by any of the other birds in my foster home even the little ones who fly around. They are kind of entertaining.


I was not used to toys though and I am now learning they can be fun. I have a hanging wood block thing that is quite fun to shake around. I am also a great eater and love all kinds of fresh foods and vegies.


My foster mom thinks I am pretty sweet especially when I say hello and Momma. I have the most beautiful captivating eyes that will draw you into interacting with me. I have been told they are mesmerizing. I wonder if I can use them to hypnotize a potential adopter into taking me home? Hmmmm


I still think you should come see me if you are looking for a bird who as close to perfect as possible. As I said before I am literally the most handsome bird you will see…well at least I think so. Contact EBR and we will see what you think.

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