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Gracie - Parakeet

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Male

Gracie - Green & Yellow Parakeet

Hi my name is Gracie the bright green and yellow one. I was relinquished to EBR when our mom had medical issues and could no longer care for me. I came from a great home though and was well taken care of! It was initially thought I was a girl but I fooled them. I am actually a boy..all boy.


I am pretty tame but won’t sit on your finger or hang out with you. I will sit close to you and don’t fly away when you change out my water or food. My foster mom thinks I am a silly bird. I shredded one of her African violet plants in the house and it was oh so much fun. She did not seem pleased though and I am not sure why. I had a blast!


My favorite thing is to fly free around the house landing on a head and other fun stuff but watch the doors or I will be outside before you know it. My foster mom says I am a fearless little parakeets especially when she saw me trying to make friends with Goliath the macaw by side stepping up to him while he was sleeping. My foster mom thought it was pretty cute to see a tiny little parakeet next to a huge macaw.


I make the sweetest noises and love to chatter like typical parakeets. I love my vegies; especially greens, beets, apples and sweet potatoes. I like to try whatever you are eating and have been known to land in your dinner plate for a taste.


I have been living with 4 other parakeets and love to have friends to hang out with. I also love sitting on the swing, playing with toys, and flying from place to place.


If you are looking for a beautiful fun loving humorous brave bird…I would like to apply for the position. Think about adopting me with one of my friends so I have someone to keep me company. Contact EBR and lets talk!

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