Hatch Date: 1999

Sex: Female

Blue & Gold Macaw

Adoption Fee: $500

Jade is a gorgeous female Blue and Gold Macaw hatched in 1999. She is not a feather plucker but was a victim of another feather plucking parrot. Jade is a happy bird with a very easy going temperament and loves everyone. Jade even gets along well with most other birds.


Jade is a good bird and a very smart girl. She knows how to “step-up” on command. Like any parrot, she can be a little ornery at times and test the boundaries of good behavior. A patient and consistent owner will have no problem keeping this sweet bird in line. Jade is usually a friendly girl but can get nippy after a long day when she wants to be left alone.


Jade loves her food and will eat almost any food you offer her. Her favorite treat is a small spoonful of tasty ice cream and she really loves to help clean your plate after a healthy meal.


Jade can be a chatty bird and we feel is just beginning to share her vocabulary with us. She loves to say “hi,”, “hello” and “peek-a-boo”. With time, Jade is sure to expand her list of favorite things to say.


Jade is a fun loving girl and likes to play around. She loves to hang like a monkey from the top of her cage and make happy monkey sounds. She enjoys playing with toys and her favorite toy is large coconut rings that she will spend hours shredding.


 Jade enjoys bath time but getting in the bathtub can be a little scary. Approaching the bath tub slowly while reassuring her usually makes bath time a breeze.


This beautiful and intelligent parrot will make a loving addition to your family. Click the links below to learn more about macaws, how to adopt or to return to the available birds page.

Jade, Blue & Gold Macaw


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