Blueberry - Parakeet

Hatchdate: Unknown

Sex: Presumed Female

Hi so typical parakeet rescue story…I was found outside hiding inside garage hole from the rain and would not leave. The nice home owners caught me and took me to Greenhill who called  EBR. I am a really pretty little blue parakeet who is still trying to figure out what happened. The vet says I am probably young but am in great health.


I live in  the small bird room in my foster home that is free flighted so I have lots of parakeets, cockatiel and one lovebird friend. There are some finches in there but they aren’t allowed out because my foster moms worry about how small they are. I seem to get along with everyone and just love to fly around visiting and checking out all the fun stuff. I wasn’t into veggies when I came in but my foster moms know tricks and now I love veggies. Plus everyone else in seemed to really enjoy them so I  thought why not give them a try.


I am young but am learning about toys,  swings, perches, and other fun activities. I love to fly all over the room checking out all  the tree stands, the fun toys hanging all over and am just a pretty entertaining little bird. I think  with some patience I will become a great companion.


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