Umbrella Cockatoo

Age or Hatch Date: 1996

Gender: DNA Male

Best qualities: Likes to learn and play

Favorite food: Almonds

Favorite toys: Shredding and wood

Challenges/Quirks: Noise level if left alone.

Gets along with other birds: Can be jealous

Gets along with dogs: Tolerates

Gets along with cats: Unknown

Gets along with kids: Tolerates, but caution should be used.

Dowel or Step Up trained: Yes

Vocabulary: "Cockatoo," "Hi, how are you," I love you,"

"Uh-huh," and "Oy, Kvetch"

Known health issues: None.

Other comments: I am a big strapping male who is absolutely handsome. I have a beautiful crest which when asked I will gladly display. This is one of my many tricks I have been training to do. I also wave by raising my foot and wiggling my toes which makes my foster mom laugh in delight. I have been taught turn around, show wings, flap, kiss, and show crest. I also know the down command, go poop, get in there (cage), and fly to cage.  


I love toys especially anything that I can shred or destroy like wood toys. I managed to almost completely destroy a large macaw size wooden toy in a matter of a week. None of the other birds in my foster home can say that. 


I am learning to like the food my foster family makes and have started testing out mash and other fun veggies and fruits. My Harrison's pellets will always be my favorite however. 


I have the cutest voice especially when I say cockatoo. I also say Hi, how are you, I love you, Uh-huh, Oy, Kvetch. I can be a bit noisy when I can't see you but if you work from home and need a quiet buddy I am it. I will sit in your office observing everything you do. 


I have some fear so taking things slow is preferred. I do not like brooms, vacuum cleaners and strange men. I am also not all that keen on barking dogs but have no shown aggression towards them. As far as other birds, I get jealous pretty easily in my current foster home but they have a lot of cockatoos like me. I would probably do well in a home with less birds and a quieter environment. 


I am harnessed trained to go on outside excursions once I feel safe with my new family. 


As with most cockatoos I am not a bird who should be cuddled as I tend to get hormonal and can't figure out how to control my emotions. I will look for dark holes to nest in so I will need to be monitored when out on a play stand. 


I need someone who is an experience bird owner who is familiar with male cockatoos and can provide me with the training and boundaries that I need. I will be your best buddy though as I was in my former home. 

Last updated: 11/25/2020

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