Boo (Fred)

Dusky Conure

Age or Hatch Date: Unknown

Gender: Unknown.  Has some behaviors that make his foster family think he is male.

Best qualities: Just like a rooster, Boo is great early morning alarm clock, otherwise mellow.  With a lot of work, Boo has really warmed up to his foster family and shows eagerness to please.  He is like your favorite cranky uncle and grumbles raspily to himself.  His former family said he hit walls when flying but he has been known to do a few laps around his foster families' living room when he wants to go back to his cage.  Boo is fully flighted but seems surprised at his ability and very pleased with himself.    

Favorite food: Make friends with Boo by offering apples sliced like French fries and feed by hand, grapes, slightly cracked nuts - walnuts, pecans, filberts/hazelnuts or almonds, millet and oats to forage.

Favorite toys: Boo likes perching in a twisty rope in our bay window with a great view of the world but near his cage for safety.   Inside his cage he has some hanging toys where he likes to forage oats stalks.

Challenges/Quirks: Can be "cage aggressive" and lunge if you put your hand in or near his cage.  Boo is typically more "bark than bite" but can have an aggressive lunge with a firm grasp.  He certainly has the potential for a harder bite if he feels threatened.  Boo favors the 8-year-old boy in the house, tolerates his foster mom; but has not warmed up to his foster dad. Boo feared fingers when he joined his foster home, but with a lot of work, they have created a great “got your nose”, “got your toes” game.   He now begs to have his beak petted and to get his head scratched.  He only allows mom to play this game with him and even encourages it by bowing down for attention.

Gets along with other birds: Likes to chat with his lovebird friend.  The lovebird approaches him on occasion and if she is not too assertive, he stands his ground.  If she invades his space, he retreats to his cage.  They  cannot be left unsupervised as the lovebird would bully him. 

Gets along with dogs: Yes

Gets along with cats: Unknown

Gets along with kids: Likes the foster home's 8-year-old son just fine.  Will often step up to him if he has a towel on his arm.  Once he is on his shoulder, he does not like to get off unless you are close to the cage.  

Dowel or Step Up trained:  He stepped up with foster mom on the first weekend after being trained by the resident lovebird.  The foster home had a breakthrough 6/15/2019 where he stepped up a half dozen times for his foster mom in a short period of time and seemed to mimic the rhythm of "step up" in his cute little dusky conure voice.  Boo seemed as proud as his foster family was of this accomplishment.  Evenings are his best step up time as he does want out of his cage for scritches and beak rubs – the foster home asks him if he wants a “hug” and then they calmly place one or both hands in the cage.  He can grasp fingers but does have difficulty balancing on fingers due to missing toes.  He will readily step into the palm of a hand or onto a long sleeve or towel on a forearm.     

Vocabulary: No distinguishable language although he chatters with his lovebird friend and calls to us when we are out of site.  We call across the house to each other.  Boo seemed to mimic the rhythm of “step up” and his trademark 3-4 crow-like Peter Pan calls which we think could be his "Peek-a-boo" or "Peek-a-boo-Boo(n)".  

Known health issues: Unknown.  Missing toes affect his balance on step ups but it doesn't slow him down too much.

Other comments: To reflect the treasured nature of this beautiful dusky conure his foster family refers to him as Boon.

Last updated: 6/25/2019

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