Bud - Cockatiel

Hatch Date: Feb. 11, 2000

Sex: Male

Normal Grey Cockatiel

Hi! My name is Bud..they also call me Buddy because I am about the sweetest little bird you will want to know. I have been in rescue for a very short time but have already shown myself to be a love bug. I will put my head in your hand for scritches and more scritches and more scritches…and well you get the idea. I just can’t get enough.

All I want to do it hang with my person, sing songs, and cuddle. I am the perfect shoulder bird for movie watching, chores, and just generally anything my human wants to do. I also love to sing songs and could probably be taught one or two. I listen to the TV and get very excited by music and try to chirp along to the beat. If you like music I am your bird.

Cardboard boxes are so much fun! Give me a cereal box and I am a happy bird. I go inside and tap and sing the day away. I am learning to like other toys but nothing compares to my boxes.

My former owner says I have a vocabulary of “Hey Bud, Bye Bud, Bye Bye, Go Potty Bud, Hi” but my foster moms have not been able to hear it yet. I also have been trained to go potty on command over a trash can. I showered with my former owner once a week which can be great bonding. Just turn the pressure down some.

I love my pellets over any other food. I am being taught to like veggies and fruit but the jury is still out on that one. I did walk over and plop down in my foster mom’s plate when she was having spaghetti and thoroughly enjoyed myself. My former owner used to have me share breakfast before a day of play in my box.

I am not a bird who needs the companionship of another bird. In fact I pretty much ignore them. I should probably go to a home with no small children and no cats. I love to walk around on the floor exploring and don’t want to have to worry about being pounced on by a cat. Plus they are icky!

My foster home has fallen in love with me in the short time in rescue but I want my forever home where a human will love and adore me for the special bird I am. Contact EBR to set up a play date!


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