Congo African Grey

Age or Hatch Date: 4/20/1998

Gender: Male

Best qualities: Still being assessed.

Favorite food: Dime size pieces of Doritos

on very rare occasion

Favorite toys: Paper and rope

Challenges/Quirks: Still being assessed.

Gets along with other birds: Unknown

Gets along with dogs: Yes

Gets along with cats: Yes

Gets along with kids: No

Dowel or Step Up trained: Yes

Vocabulary: Come here Byrd,

goodnight Byrd, hello Byrd, honey,

what, here kitty. And more.....

Known health issues: None

Other comments:  Byrd is part of our Foster-in-Place program, so he will stay with his owner until an adopter is found. This is what his owner has to say about him -  "Byrd was hatched 4-20-1998. Once he was fully feathered and ready to leave his sister we took him to his new home. We could tell visually by the width of his skull and the colors he was a boy next to his sister. He was syringe feed for another month after we got him home. In less than a month Byrd started talking! He still hasn't stopped. He was raised with cats and a very large dog. He has no problem as long as they keep there distance. He knows how to deal with cats, he will sit on my leg while I pet his head and if the cats cuddle up he just turns so he can keep an eye on them. They get within inches and he does just fine.

Slowly we added perches and toys to his cage. He is still residing in the same blue powder coated cage. Byrd greets everyone who comes in the house differently, women get a chirp or hello, and men.... well let's just say it's a very naughty word.

Byrd loves to "dunk his doughnuts" as we call it, he carries his Harrison's kibble from the food bowl all the way to the other side of the cage dunks them and than eats. Fresh water three times a day is a must for him because of this. All types of toys are good for him, he just needs to see them for a few days prior to placing into his cage.
Morning time for Byrd is 3:45 am we uncover him and turn on his light. His cage is next to a big picture window that faces west so he gets the morning sun. We leave for work at 4:30 and he gets the company of our two cats until 2pm. This is when I open his cage give him fresh water and Harrison's kibble. He eats than roams around on his cage for awhile. If he wants off his cage he shows with body language it's hard to explain but it looks like he is flapping his wings. After presenting two fingers and saying "step up" I move him to his manzanita wood perch for most of the evening. Bed time at 7 is fresh water and food time as well. He says "good night Byrd," when I put him back in his cage. I say "good night Byrd" and he repeats it. We have a pretty strict schedule. He likes his head pet, he will sit on me below my shoulders anywhere as long as I'm petting him. If you give him a pen or a finger to hang on to he will lay on his back. There are times when I can open his wings and see all his feathers. If you place him over a trashcan or on his perch and say "go potty" he will.

Now for the bad.. If during the time he is on top of his cage and one of us leave the room he will start engaging in a VERY high pitched scream. This stops when we get back in the room... Byrd makes a mess when he decides it's bath time, water goes everywhere because he uses his water bowl. Our friend brought his 4ish year old over we said he should not let his kid put his fingers in the cage and immediately after he was told not to Byrd bit his finger, no fault of Byrd he probably thought it was food being offered as sometimes I will give him treats as I hurry out the door. The last bad behavior Byrd has is he ruffles his feathers when men walk past his cage and will lunge if they get too close which causes Byrd to hit the bars very hard with his head.


I was a veterinary technician and for 12 years I dedicated my life to helping animals. He went to work with me just about every day and stayed in his medium sized collapsible cage. He is used to all kinds of sounds many of which he imitates. Cats meows, dogs whining, phones ringing people than saying hello. The avian veterinarian always said how healthy and beautiful Byrd is. Byrd has never plucked and had always molted his down easily. He preens multiple times a week that we notice.


Byrd will attack the bars when our kitten walks on the seed tray. I don't think he has ever got the kitten because he keeps getting up there.


He needs an adult woman who has more time to spend with him, and moving out of the lower 48, makes it impossible to keep caring for him the way he deserves. "

Last updated: 10/20/20

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