Goffin Cockatoo

Age or Hatch Date: 4/18/2017

Gender: DNA Male

Best qualities: Loving and happy

Favorite food: Almond and sweet potato mash

Favorite toys: Stainless steel water bottle with plastic top

Challenges/Quirks: Can be cage protective

Gets along with other birds: Frightened of loud birds

Gets along with dogs: Unknown

Gets along with cats: Unknown

Gets along with kids: Unknown

Dowel or Step Up trained: Yes

Vocabulary: Hi baby, good night, I love you and more. 

Known health issues: None

Other comments: Casper is part of our Foster-in-Place program and will stay with his current owner until an adopter is found. His owner had the following to say about him: Casper is a 3-year-old Goffin’s cockatoo who was hatched in April 2017. We are his first family although he briefly lived with our daughter before she became ill two years ago, it was then that we took over his care. Casper is not well-socialized, meaning he has only been exposed to veterinarians, the occasional visitor, and our family. We don’t know how well he would do with children. He can be skittish, he gets scared from sudden movements, loud voices or sounds. He has not been around predatory animals and has had minimal exposure to other birds. Car travel has never been a problem, he does not get sick or get worked up in the car.


We have target trained him to perch, step up, and return to his cage with an almond incentive. We have worked with several bird experts to help with his training, including Chris Shank and Pamela Clark. He is mostly friendly within his cage, asking for head scratches but can still attempt to nip. He is not a cuddly bird, that was never encouraged, and he tends to be cage territorial. He is fully flighted and a very strong flyer. He would do well with a skilled owner who could possibly train him for free flight. He is not harness trained, however. His wings have never been clipped, and we don’t want a new owner who would clip his wings.


In general, Casper is a supercool and healthy bird, suitable for the experienced cockatoo lover. He does very well with a schedule. He is very independent, but he likes to check in through the day and then go back to play. He likes to hang out on our deck inside his cage along with a human companion on sunny days. Casper is very vocal, more than the average Goffin’s, but tends to talk much more than scream. Favorite phrases include:


“Hello baby!”

“Head scratch?”

“It’s OK.”

“I’m sorry baby.”


“I have to poopy.”


“Wacka wacka!”


What we love about Casper: he can be very loving, is generally a happy bird, is independent-minded, funny, smart, a fast learner and easy to train, likes puzzles, plays well in his cage if given interesting or challenging toys, no problem going to sleep at dusk-- he tells us it’s his bedtime. He has a pretty good appetite for healthy foods, loves being spoon fed yam mush. He is not a loud cockatoo!


Things that are irritating about Casper: chewing on wood trim, electrical cords, faucets, blinds; he gets aggressive when he is hungry, he can be stubborn and demanding, such as wanting his time out of the cage.


We want somebody who can afford his medical care. He currently has coverage through Nationwide pet insurance which costs $14.35/month. He needs somebody who can provide more training, out of cage time, nutritious cockatoo-appropriate food, access to outdoors, and lots of toys. No animals in the household other than other birds. He needs a calm environment.

Last updated: 3/3/2020

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