Cha Cha - Nanday Conure

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Unknown

Nanday Conure

Cha Cha is a happy little guy who enjoys talking in a deep voice between chirps. Cha Cha hangs out on top of his cage keeping track of all that goes on in our neighborhood alerting when anyone new enters. Cha Cha loves his morning mash and will wait patiently for it. He is not a bird that steps up on to your hand, he prefers to step up onto a stick to be moved from place to place. He does bite if you stick your finger out. He enjoys ripping paper off the bottom of his cage or toys off the top. We give him a variety of toys from phone books, rope toys, to food puzzles. Cha Cha seems to like a variety of foods/mash.

He does have the bald spot on the top of his head, the vet said that is a genetic Nanday Conure thing. He is not a cuddle buddy, but he is a bit of a comic. If he gets mad at his neighbor (bird) he lets his thoughts be known.

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