Christy - Senegal

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Female

My name is Christy and I'm looking for a family to share my life with. As you can see, I am a beautiful girl and will make an awesome companion. I am pretty easy going and really just want to spend time with you. Currently, I am interviewing loving humans to call my own.

I have a few activities I enjoy to pass the time. Lately, I have been practicing my laugh. My perfect laugh is a work in progress so expect to hear me practicing. I am also learning to train the humans around me. I like sway side to side when I want a lift back to my food and water bowls. It's hard work being such a great bird so I like to unwind on my favorite swing. The gentle motion of it helps me relax after a long day training my humans and perfecting my laughing voice.


My ideal human should have plenty of love and attention to offer me. You should be prepared to laugh with me once my laugh is perfected. A steady supply of tasty and healthy food is required.  Of course, I will always need a few of my favorite treats such as almonds and cashews. My perfect human should have a quiet place for my cage and not to many other pets to take  your attention away from me.


If you would like to schedule an interview with me then please contact the nice folks at EBR.  

Christy enjoying her orb
Christy playing on her orb
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