Age or Hatch Date: Unknown

Gender: Likely female

Best qualities: Likes to chirp and sing songs.

Favorite food: Vegggie

Favorite toys: Pinatas

Challenges/Quirks: Not hand tame

Gets along with other birds: Yes

Gets along with dogs: Unknown

Gets along with cats: Unknown

Gets along with kids: Unknown

Dowel or Step Up trained: No

Vocabulary: None

Known health issues: Unknown.

Other comments: I am in a new foster home and a lot has changed. I have a new friend named Canolli and we spend all day playing in the little bird room. We have an open door policy and can fly and explore as we please. We go in our cages on our terms and usually only if we want to sleep or need a time out from playing. In fact I get anxious when the door on my cage is closed and will pace. My new foster moms have been able to touch and handle me but honestly I would much rather just talk and sing songs with them. However recently I have become very interested in one of my foster moms and tried to fly to her for some time..I just could not figure out how to land on her arm for some millet which I love…give me a lot of that and I will surely become your friend. I can be very chirpy when talked to. They don’t seem to understand me though even thought I try hard to communicate.


I love my veggies now and eat them before anything else. Anything green and some fruits are a favorite. My foster moms seem very pleased with my progress and tell me I am going to be so healthy. My feather heath already seems so much better.


I am also showing more interest in toys especially pinatas and similarly made toys. I have been observed checking out the cardboard box on the cage but haven’t ventured in yet. I am not an aggressive bird and get along fine with the other little birds in the room. I walk around on their cages and don’t bother them. But my favorite thing is to hang with Canolli running all over the room being silly and flying from corner to corner. I am so pretty when I fly.


If you are interested in two fun birds, my friend Cannoli has to come with me, then call EBR. I am looking for a home that will allow me the freedom to roam and play.

Last updated: 4/10/2019

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