Congo African Grey

Age or Hatch Date: 21 years old

Gender: Male

Best qualities: Very sweet bird for a female owner.

Favorite food: Likes various people foods: eggs, pasta, cheese, rice, bagel

Favorite toys: Likes them all at various times. Enjoys ringing bells.

Challenges/Quirks: He almost always will bite men who approach him or pick him up.

Gets along with other birds: Unknown

Gets along with dogs: Yes

Gets along with cats: Yes

Gets along with kids: Nervous when kids are around.

Dowel or Step Up trained: Yes

Vocabulary: Quite a few sounds, words and phrases. Favorites are "Coco" and "Hello" in many different tones, I love you, Want a cracker, Mmm, that's good, oops, Various beeps, whistles and bells, What are you doing?, Where are you going?, Where are you?, meows and barks

Known health issues: None

Other comments: Coco is part of the Foster-In-Place program, meaning she will stay with her current family until an adopter is found. Coco is a sweet bird who has been loved and cared for by a woman since he was a baby up until she passed away. He loves being in the company of his people and interacting. He has a vocabulary of words and phrases, as well as many sounds that he makes in conversation. He calls the dogs and cat, imitates a phone conversations when the phone rings, makes the sounds of the microwave and water dispenser, etc. He hasn’t had kids around much and definitely prefers women. He’s sweet with men, but will then bite them if they pick him up. 

Last updated: 5/23/2019

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