Connor - Severe Macaw

Hatch Date: 2005

Sex: Female

Connor is also featured on our Large Birds page.

I am a beautiful bird with a lot of personality. I love attention and will sit on your lap for pets and love. I tolerate preening but only so much before I am done. 


I like to play under the covers and will roll over and laugh. I talk well and have a darling voice and laugh.  I will say bye when you put on your jacket to leave the house. I also say  "Peek-a-boo", "helloo", "mama", "i love you", "cracker", "meow" and more.


I am a picky eater and resists fresh food.  It is important for my health to try different veggies, fruits and mash so I have the opportunity to find something I enjoy. My favorite word is cracker but I haven’t explained to my foster mom what kind of cracker I want. I like to keep some secrets after all.


I have not had a stable home environment in some time so perhaps with time and patience I can learn to trust my new parront. I say step up a lot but will bluff that I am going to bite. My new parront will have to be cautious but have a strong personality to deal with my stubbornness. My foster mom says I do step up pretty well even though I can act difficult.


I do not do well on your shoulder when you walk around as I can bite your neck if I become frightened with changes.  I don’t bite terribly hard but it does hurt.


I am a great bird but will require someone with big bird experience. As my foster mom  says I am a great little macaw but am all macaw. Contact EBR if you are interested in meeting me.

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