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Exotic Bird Rescue was founded in December 1994 due to a local parrot aviary neglect situation. At the time of this discovery there was not an organized group of people in the area that could help remove these birds and place them in a safe environment.

A local bird club, the Emerald  stepped up to take responsibility for the rescue and placement of the endangered avian community. Emerald Exotic Bird Society disbanded in the late 90’s and Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon was established to carry on the work. EBR of Oregon received its 501 (c) 3 non-profit status in August of 2000.

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Tel. 541-461-4333


P.O. Box 184​

Springfield, OR 97477

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Amanda Akers, Board Chair

Tarie Crawford, Secretary

Susie Sullivan, Treasurer

Logan Bourdon

Tara Smith

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