Ghost - Cockatiel

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Unknown

I was found in a cage sitting on a corner by the police department with a bag of wild bird seed. EBR took  me to the vet who determined that except for an eye injury that will not heal and plucking from another bird I am in perfect condition.


The vet and my foster home think I will be a very sweet bird once I adjust to my surroundings. I am very people oriented and get very vocal when humans are around and will follow them around the cage chirping away. I say pretty bird and sing the prettiest song. The vet was able to hold me and give me cuddles so with patience I will be a great companion. I am just a bit fearful right now.


I don’t seem that interested in  veggies, mash and fruit yet but my foster family is working on it.  For my health it is so important to have fresh foods to eat.


I haven’t found a toy that I like yet but I have a ton in my new cage to check out. My foster family moved me to a big cockatiel cage with shelves and plenty of room to roam around. At night they cover me so I can sleep and I seem to quiet right down and don’t say anything until the cover is removed.


If you want to meet me please contact EBR for a visit. I am such a pretty bird and need someone to love and care for me.

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