Fred - Dusky-Headed Conure

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Unknown

Dusky-Headed Conure

Adoption Fee: $150

I am one of the Lucky 13. Also known as Dusky Conure or the Weddell’s Conure.


I am pretty quiet but will talk under my breath. With time I will probably share my secrets with my new parront and some new ones too. We are known to be a sweet breed who loves to be with their parronts getting cuddles, playing, and doing everyday household chores.


I love to eat especially veggies and should be offered lots of options. Remember I came from a home where I may not have been offered choices so trying dark leafy greens, peppers, berries, etc. will be very important.


I am learning to like toys but because of where I came from everything is new and a bit scary. So just be patient as I learn that the normal activities of home life are not threatening and can be fun. Introducing me slowly to play stands, rings, pinatas, bells, and beads will be so important. We are a breed who can be taught tricks and love to perform for our parronts.


I am going to be the sweetest most loving companion who need a parront who will do things slowly at my comfort level. If you have room in your heart and home for me contact EBR.

Update from Freds new foster mom 07/14/16:

 These are my observations since I have had Fred: SUPER sweet bird!!! I think he might be as sweet as Hal but more shy. It only took 1 day for him to come out of his "cave" and try sitting on his perches and tasting his toys. I believe because of the missing toes/ toenails, he has a harder time grasping the perches and they might be a little uncomfortable , but he tries. He is tasting and eating his fruit and veggies and sprouts, I make my own sprouts, I have been making the veggies finely chopped and mixed with fruit so he will eat it without being able to pick and choose as much. Also from observing and handling him I believe he Might be sexually mature and from my reading one thing you want to  do is not too much full body cuddling, he was starting to rub his vent on my hand and clothes and while in his cage rubbing his vent on the bars then going down to his papers and tearing up papers and actually made a little nest, so if the "nest" building continues I might have to keep the papers to a minimum on the floor of the cage, his behavior reminds me of my cockatiels when they were broody and wanting to breed. I do give lots of head scritches and he sits on shoulder a lot also have been letting him get on the back of the couch when I am with him to explore and feel different textures. I am not pushing a lot of stepping up right now, he will perch on my finger for short periods of time, but I think he has a hard time grasping and he looses his balance. At this time does he not like men, he tries to get away when Neil and a friend have tried to interact with him, we will keep on trying. He does not like misting very much, so will just do a little at a time, so far he been accepting of most that I have worked with him on, I think bathing him will come along too.

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