Ginger - Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoo

Hatch Date: 1996

Sex: Possibly Female

Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoo

Adoption Fee: $400


My name is Ginger and I was hatched back in 1996. I am a very snuggly bird once I get to know you. I love to hang out on your shoulder while doing chores and cuddling while watching tv. I will melt in your chest while getting scritches curled up in a little ball chattering my beak in absolute contentment. I am learning how to step up but my preferred method is to step up backwards onto your hand. My foster mom is working with me on stepping forward and if I really really want to be with you I will comply. 


I am not a very active bird as all I want is to be held and loved.  In my foster home we do nightly dancing and I have learned how to boogie with the best of them. I fling my head around with my crest held high humming quietly bouncing up and down. I am quite cute. I am learning how to play with toys but so far haven’t found one I really need to take apart. I will warn you I find buttons fascinating…I have pretty much removed all of them on my foster moms PJs. She laughs so I think it is ok.


I am not much of a talker but will say night night very quietly when being put to bed and also whisper Ginger under my breath. I am not a loud bird but do love to be in the same area with the activity so having my cage in the living space is preferable. I will get a bit more vocal if I am left alone in a room and know you are home. I just want to be where you are.


I don’t mind showers and being a cockatoo it is very important to keeping me looking beautiful and also keeping the dust down. In the summer time my foster family will put me on the deck in an outside cage for some misting and I am learning to like it. Otherwise it is the big bath tub with the hand held sprayer.


I am an escape artist and have learned how to unlock my door so extra care must be taken. I am not a bird who will come down off my cage however but can be a bit destructive of anything wood so keeping my cage away from walls or furniture is advised. In my previous home I was allowed out anytime my humans were home and I just hung out watchimg what was going on.


I love veggies and fruits. My favorites are bananas, pasta, sweet potato, broccoli and anything you are eating. My foster mom makes a great mash recipe that all the bird here love. I am sure she will give you the recipe. I can be a bit messy though just to warn you. My paper will need to be changed a couple of times through the week.


I am not used to being caged all day so a home where you work part time, are retired or work from home would be amazing. I have gone to work with my foster mom and am very quiet and a huge help with all the paperwork.


I should be adopted to a home that can give me plenty of attention. I need to be in a home with a woman as I have not found a man I like yet. My last home was very quiet so probably not one with children or a lot of other animals. My foster home has a lot of other animals and I am doing ok but sometimes I can get a bit overwhelmed.  I will make great companion and add so much fun and joy to your home.

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