Grinchy- Blue Cap Conure

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Presumed Male

I am a special guy who needs a special home. I am not a bird who likes to be handled but love to hang out. I seem to like men more than women.


I am a bit disabled due to a pelvic fracture that was never treated and I take daily pain meds to keep me comfortable. My foster family can easily teach you how to give me my meds. Sometimes I fall from my perch and need a little assistance to get back on it. I don’t fly but that doesn't stop me from trying. Care will need to be taken that I don’t injure try to fly or fall and injure myself.


I like to try and bathe in my water bowl but my foster mom will towel me and put me in the sink for a good soak.


I am a finicky eater. Some days I eat my veggies and others I turn my beak up at it. I love bread, warm tortillas, almonds, pistachios, walnuts and anything you might be eating that is healthy for me.


I talk a little bit and say “are you a good boy”, “I’m a good boy”, and laugh and growl. I said lots of other things are my former home like “pretty bird”, “beep beep” and burp when  you do. Other than that I am pretty quiet. I like to listen and watch what goes on around me.


Don’t let my disability dissuade you…I have a lot of love to give and would make a great companion. My former owner said I was a really sweet bird. So contact EBR if you are interested.

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