Hal - Dusky Headed Conure

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Unknown

Dusky Headed Conure

Adoption Fee: $150

I am one of the Lucky 13. We are also known as the dusky headed parakeet or the Weddell’s conure.


I am a very sweet bird with the cutest little chirps who just wants to hang out on your shoulder while you are doing chores, watching tv, or visiting with friends. I do find clothing interesting to play with so make sure you aren’t wearing a favorite…I am not what is considered noisy but will have conversations with you in a raspy quiet little voice that only I can understand. I am sure with time I will learn words and phrases.


I am learning that toys can be fun and love my veggies and fruit  and I should be offered a variety daily. Peppers seem to be a favorite and I will spend time scooping all the meat off the skin with my beak.


I do not know how to step up but can be scooped up from the cage very willingly and sometimes will step onto a hand. My foster moms open up my cage door and I will monkey across the bars upside down for a pick up to whatever fun they have planned. I am not a traveler and once put on a play stand will stay watching all the activity.


I will put myself to bed under the newspaper fairly early and sleep in until the lights turn on. My foster moms gave me a hidey hut but I am not sure about it yet. I also am not sure about toys but have been watching the other birds in my foster home and am expressing interest in bells and beads. My breed should be given lots to do and a cage that will allow me to hang upside down and swing.


I am going to make a very fun sweet companion and am ready to meet my forever parronts.

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