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Ironbarn and Pepper


Age or Hatch Date: Unknown

Gender: Male and Female

Best qualities: Fun to watch and talk to.

Favorite food: Unknown

Favorite toys: Mirrors

Challenges/Quirks: Shy

Gets along with other birds: Yes

Gets along with dogs: Unknown

Gets along with cats: Unknown

Gets along with kids: Unknown

Dowel or Step Up trained: No

Vocabulary: Whistles and makes kissing noises.

Known health issues: Unknown.

Other comments: Chirp, chirp, chirp and chirp…my name is Pepper and I am very talkative. I just have so much to say in my pretty voice. Ironbar and I are very bonded and must be adopted together. I take care of her and make sure she has everything she needs. Although I think sometimes I bore her with all of my talking.


We are still getting used to our foster home where all of the little birds are free flighted in a room. We have parakeets and two other cockatiels to hang out with and seem to get along with everyone. We must be special because we are the first two cockatiels that the other birds in this room have allowed in without major issues. We are not very active birds and tend to keep to ourselves hanging out together preening and talking.


We are very shy and aren’t sure about humans yet although the other birds seem to think our foster mom is okay. She spends time with us sitting in the room doing puzzle books or talking with the other birds. Maybe someday soon we will learn not to be so afraid.


Did you say food? We love our greens and other fresh foods but Ironbar does have a bit of a weight problem according to the vet. Our foster home is trying to get us switched over to more pellets and less seed which is a slow process.


Ironbar is not very good at flying yet probably because she is still a bit on the overweight side and her wings are not very strong. I on the other hand am a great flyer although I don’t like being too far away from my friend.


We will be fun companions to watch and talk to so please contact EBR if you are interested. We would love to find our forever home.

Last updated: 5/23/20

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