Jersey - Cockatiel

Hatch Date: Believed to be 2003

Sex: Male

Normal Grey Cockatiel

Hi there,

My name is Jersey. I am a male cockatiel believed to be 12-13 years old. I am shy at first, so I need a person who understands this and is willing to put in time to earn my affection.

Once I learn you aren't so scary I will "step-up" on your hand. The nice man who had me before said I would ride on his shoulder, but my foster mom hasn't been able to get me to do that yet. With lots of your time and love maybe I could even learn to enjoy head scritches! I prefer men, but could learn to love the right lady.

I enjoy relaxing on top of my cage, being read to, and a treat of millet. I don't play with toys a ton, but I like shreddable piñatas and a preening toy my foster mom will happily send with me to my new home (along with others!)

Usually I am fairly quiet and content to observe the world around me, but I will chirp and whistle at you when I want to interact or just to say "hi!" Sometimes when I sing or chirp I get a little loud, but I'd still be fine in an apartment.

I am a decent eater, I will eat my greens if they are chopped very finely, but seed will always be my favorite.

If you have other birds in your home I will tolerate them and sometimes may even whistle to them, but we may not be best buddies. I like my personal space and get defensive when another bird tries to enter it. Because of this I will be fine as an only bird, but still need your attention to keep me from getting too lonely.

Thanks for taking time to read a little about me, and I hope you'll come visit me soon!

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