JoJo Blue - Congo African Grey

Hatch Date: 2010

Sex: Unknown

Hi, I’m JoJo Blue, the sweetest Congo African Grey you have ever met. Modest too.

I am around 8 years old and have a large vocabulary in several different voices and emotions.  My two favorites are whistling the Calvary Bugle call then saying “CHARGE!” and saying my own name “Jo-Jo Bluuueeee”. I also like to argue with myself… Hey if you can’t argue with yourself, who can you argue with?

My Foster Mom threatens to take me to work and tell everyone I am a smart watch.  I love to just sit on her wrist while she works on the computer.  I’ll sit there happily for hours, then when I want to be scritched I will edge up her arm and gently nudge her with my head. I genuinely love getting scritches when they are on my terms.

My Foster Dad often comments on how unusually gentle I am. I give him these sweet wonderful kisses (complete with kissy noises) and when I don’t want to be touched or picked up I will gently grab his finger with my beak. Not to bite, as some of my kin are like to do, but gently grip the finger and push it away. He has learned not push me too hard when I am being gentle like this, because after a while I can get a little rougher.

I prefer to spend most of my time in and on my cage, but I have been known to decide to go visiting the other foster birds in the house and even go for a walk out of my Foster Dads office (aka: The Aviary), if he doesn’t keep an eye on me. When I do go for a walk, I love it when they come to get me… Rescuing me from the big bad scary world outside The Aviary, this is when I like to spend time with them the most.

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