Juliet -Parakeet

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Female


Adoption Fee: $25

HI there, Imy name is Juliet and I'm a beautiful girl. I like to explore my cage and chirp at that lovely reflection in my little mirror. I can be a chatty girl a chirping kind of way. That is what makes me adorable and entertaining. My green and yellow colors are beautiful and stand out from the other girls..


I have a fun personality and love to run all over the cage playing with different toys  and conversing with the other parakeets. I am a very social girl when I have the chance.

Veggies were not all the interesting until I moved to the big cage and saw the other parakeets eating them up. Now I am trying them a bit and kale seems to be my veggie of choice right now.  I am also learning to like millet which means I might be easier to train especially since I am not hand tamed. With work though I could become your buddy. EBR can give you advice on some steps to take to get me used to hands. If nothing else I'm a lot of fun to watch and make the most beautiful sounds to keep you company.


Contact EBR to visit withme if you want to add a fun little bird into your family. Please a home with no cats as they scare me.

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