Keiko - Red Lored Amazon

Hatch Date: 1976

Special Needs: Fatty Tumor & Arthritis

Keiko is a sweet special-needs bird. He loves to holler his entire litany of vocabulary, which includes "pretty bird" and various iterations of "Keiko!", and will do just about anything for an almond or two. He shows a strong preference for men- he will step up very nicely and allow himself to be handled by a male, but is very skittish of females. He is a good eater, but requires time to adjust to new foods. His favorite toys are made from shreddable cardboard.


Unfortunately, his previous lifestyle has left him with a large fatty mass on his chest and abdomen and deformed and arthritic feet. Due to some current liver issues (as he was fed a diet of poor-quality seed), the risk of anesthesia is too high for us to safely remove the mass at this time. He requires someone willing to make his living space as safe for him as possible, as he has a tendency to fall off of perches when his mass gets in the way of his climbing. He is currently on a joint and liver supplement added to his food, which will likely need to continue for the rest of his life.


Please let us know if you are interested in giving this sweet little guy a forever home.

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