Adoption Pending

Kenya - Congo African Grey

Hatch Date: Believed to be 1997

Sex: Unknown

 Hi, my name is Kenya!


My foster parents think I was hatched in back in 1997, but I know I am the handsomest African Grey around!


I love to interact with my foster family and I am learning to trust them enough for them to pet me. I am trying to be better at it by bending my head down for scritches, but when they reach for me sometimes I get nervous and snap my head back up. I like playing tug of war with my foster mom, but my favorite thing is being spoon fed my mash like the sweet baby I am. I like cooked veggies, especially sweet potato, and Tops pellets that have been soaked in warm water. As a special treat my mom sometimes gives me cooked oatmeal like she has in the mornings. Yum!


I make all sorts of interesting noises. I answer the telephone with an electronic sounding ‘Hello,’ and ‘Wally’. I like to whistle, and I must have lived with a small bird in my past, because I have the cutest, tiniest ‘peep’ you’ve ever heard from a big bird like me. J


I was kept in a cage that was way too small for me that only had one perch that was too small for my feet so they are cramped and not very strong yet, which made me very clumsy. I am getting much better and stronger with all of the climbing I do on my nice big new cage now, though. I like spending a lot of time hanging out on the door of my cage so I can see all of the other birds and the things my foster parents are doing. I am very curious, but a little nervous about new things.


I do know how to step up on a stick, and I am good about going in and out of my travel cage. I like going to the Meet and Greets at the PetSmart in Eugene, so you can come visit meet me there! 

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