Blue and Gold Macaw

Age or Hatch Date: Hatched in 1998, 21

Gender: Male

Best qualities: So Charming and Smart!

Favorite food: Almonds

Favorite toys: Anything paper he can chew,

shaking ropes and stripping coconuts.

Challenges/Quirks: He destroys his own

feathers if bored.

Gets along with other birds: As long as they

don't get in his space.

Gets along with dogs: Yes

Gets along with cats: Yes

Gets along with kids:  Maybe

Dowel or Step Up trained: Yes

Vocabulary: Hi! What's up? Wassssuuppp?, Ribbit, Raaaawwwwwwwwr, incoherent mumbling.

Known health issues: Scissors his feathers when bored.

Other comments:  This boy is a charmer. He is tolerant of pets but mostly wants to be challenged intellectually. He does like to sit on your lap or arm if he trusts you. He is FAST. Prior macaw experience required.  

Last updated: 04/14/2020

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