Kuda - Congo African Grey

Hatch Date: 2001 in Bend, Oregon

Sex: Male

Kuda was reluctantly released by his owner due to changed family circumstances. He is a picky eater having been raised on pellets but will take Grapes and Nuts.

He has a very large vocabulary, over 200 words according to his former owner. He is busy talking all day. He know how to Meow and Quack which he does often

He will ask for a grape or to be let out. He talks in a couple of voices so some of his sayings are hard for his foster mother to interpret. Suffice it to say he is a very accomplished



Kuda was very tame at one point but has been in or on his cage in recent years. He will move from place to place on a stick, but is apt to be a bit nippy. He will need

a new owner with some experience  and should prove to  be a delightful companion.

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