Large Birds

Our fees are not listed on our website because each bird's fee is based upon the individual bird ie; the costs we have incurred, the species, age, behavior, special needs, etc. Please do not call and ask the prices of our birds. This illustrates to us that you may be geared more towards the cost of the bird and not which bird would fit best into your family situation. We can assure you that all of our birds are well below retail that you would find at any pet store/breeder. Different from a pet store/breeder, our birds live in a home with a family who loves and cares for them. Our foster homes can tell an adopter in detail about the birds favorite toys, foods, activities, personality etc. We make it a priority to find a perfect home for all birds in our care. By taking the class we have an opportunity to learn who you are, about your home environment, and life style. Please be aware that the bird you may be interested in may not be the bird who is perfectly suited for your family. Adoption fees include the birds cage (home), toys, a first aid kit, and other supplies.

Disclaimer "Bird descriptions listed do not necessarily reflect how the bird will behave in your home."


Blue & Gold
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Large Cockatoos

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Special Needs

Here are the birds that need some extra help to stay healthy and happy. Birds listed below have a variety of conditions ranging from behavioral issues to serious health issues that make them medically fragile.
Blue & Gold
Umbrella Cockatoo
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