Bare Eyed Cockatoo

Age or Hatch Date: Hatched in 1986

Gender: Female

Best qualities: Still being assessed.

Favorite food: Peanuts

Favorite toys: Cardboard box with paper, or anything else she can chew up.

Challenges/Quirks: Takes time to warm up to someone new.

Gets along with other birds: Yes

Gets along with dogs: Yes

Gets along with cats: Yes

Gets along with kids: Yes

Dowel or Step Up trained: Yes

Vocabulary: Hello and Good-bye, as well as mumbling.

Known health issues: None

Other comments: She is part of the Foster-in-Place program, so she will remain with her current owner until adopted. Lois is a bare eyed cockatoo who hatched in 1986.  She enjoys being the center of the action and loves being talked to.  


She takes time to warm up to someone new, and is very protective of her territory.  She will bite someone she isn’t fully comfortable with.  She has always been skittish and feels safer in the comfort of her cage.  She will venture out only on occasion.


She has a small vocabulary and loves saying ‘Hello’ or ‘Good-by’ back and forth.  She will also ask for peanuts, her favorite treat.  She enjoys being sung to and will sing along with her mumbling or she may join in by dancing.  She loves snuggling under a blanket or digging in a box.  Her favorite toy is a cardboard box full of paper and other things she can chew up.  She will chew a hole to get in the box, then spend hours rummaging inside of it.  When the weather is nice, she enjoys being outside as long as she has the safety of her cage. She has even gone on hikes in a backpack cage.  She has lived with both cats, dogs and other birds, and has done well with all in the household.  She does ok with children, as long as they know to not to get in her reach, and she will join in with making noise. 


She is quite most of the day, unless someone comes over. She is a very effective ‘watch dog’.  She will usually have a hour of parrot level nosiness a day, generally in the evening, ringing like a telephone and yelling.  She will also yell, if something scares her.  She does ok being alone during the day, as long she gets some quality time as well.  

Last updated: 5/27/2019

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