Age or Hatch Date: Approximately 12 years old

Gender: Male

Best qualities: Loves hanging out on your shoulder, and will occasionally hold on to your ear or nose with his beak and make happy honking noises.

Favorite food: Pinenuts

Favorite toys: Enjoys foraging for food wrapped up in newspapers.

Challenges/Quirks: Lolo can get a bit offended when asked to step up inside his cage and may try to nip. He is extremely food-motivated, which has helped with training.  Has a loud call.

Gets along with other birds: Tolerates, but would prefer to be the only bird.

Gets along with dogs: Has been in the same room with no issues.

Gets along with cats: Has been within a few feet of a well-behaved cat and been fine.

Gets along with kids: Yes, depending on the kid.

Dowel or Step Up trained: Yes

Vocabulary: Honks, Hello, and several others.

Known health issues: Lolo is a plucker, but has improved with training, time and diet. He requires training and foraging to keep himself busy, and does require a relatively large amount of out of cage time. He would greatly enjoy someone who works from home and being the only bird to soak up all of the attention.

Other comments:  He likes to hold pine nuts in his beak for long periods of time.

Last updated: 04/11/20

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