Lori, Congo African Grey

Adoption Pending

Lori, Congo African Grey
Lori, Congo African Grey
Lori, Congo African Grey
Lori, Congo African Grey
Lori, Congo African Grey

Lori - Congo African Grey

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Relinquished as female but believed to be male.

Congo African Grey

Adoption Fee: $400

I came to EBR with very little exposure to the “outside world” as I was pretty sheltered by my former family. My foster moms have slowly introduced me to things that most “normal” birds like and my new family would have to be willing to spend time letting me get used to thing on my terms.  If I am pushed too hard I scream like a chicken which they think is pretty funny and sad at the same time.


I love bells and have several in my cage that I ring. You can tell how I am feeling by the way that I ring them. When frustrated or angry they get yanked and pulled, when happy it is a tap, when playing I talk to them while gently beaking them.  I also like shredding toys but only certain kinds. My foster moms keep trying though and change out my toys regularly.


I was pretty dirty when I arrived and obviously not exposed to water. My foster moms will put me in an outdoor cage in the sun to mist me or put me in the bath tub in the winter but I put up quite a fuss. I do pluck a bit which might be from poor nutrition, lack of bathing, and nervousness so bathing me frequently is important.


I am quite the talker but mostly when I am alone or no one is looking. I can be heard practicing all of the things I hear in the house over and over til I get them right. In fact the neighbors thought my foster moms were home I sounded so convincing..lol..I call the dogs and some of the other birds by name, say “Loris a good bird”, “Good morning”, “whatcha doing”, burp, and whistle the most amazing tunes sometimes in response to something you are whistling in another room. I am very entertaining. 


As I said before I do pluck a bit but just the down feathers and usually when being pushed to do something that makes me uncomfortable. That doesn’t de-tracked from how beautiful I am though.


I am great at stepping up but am not afraid to tell you when I am not in the mood to hang out with you. Sometimes with a bit of coaxing though I will change my mind.


I am going to be a bird that will take some time to trust you but will also be loyal and loving once we have bonded. I give the best kisses to my favorite person. I bonded pretty strongly with one of my foster moms.  She can give me kisses, touch me all over and handle me with very little issue except if I am jealous because there is competition for her attention. I think I should be the only bird in the house! I am not a bird who likes sharing the limelight with anyone else so a home with a single retired woman or relaxed man with no other birds would be ideal.


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