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From time to time even the best bird parents can lose a bird and every once in a while we are lucky enough to find a lost bird. EBR is dedicated to reuniting birds with their family whenever it is possible. Whether you have lost a bird or found a bird there's a few things you can do to help the situation out. Check our listing by clicking here:


My Bird is Lost

Losing your bird can a heart breaking and scary event. There are some steps you can take to help find your bird:

  • Put the bird's cage or a familiar item outside where the bird can see it. Put a treat or favorite toy nearby so the bird may have incentive to come down. Remember this is a foreign environment and your bird may be disoriented.

  • If your bird has a buddy, place that bird outside (safely locked in its cage). This may also be incentive for your bird to come down. 

  • If your bird has a favorite song or a toy that makes noise, play away. Maybe your bird will want to come down and join you.

  • If you can see your bird, call a local tree climber who may be able to assist you in getting your bird down. If you have lost sight of your bird, place an ad in the paper, post fliers and post an ad with your local parrot rescue organization. 

  • If you get your bird back, take it immediately to your vet or qualified avian groomer to have its wings safely trimmed. You can also harness train your bird. Having your bird micro-chipped by your avian veterinarian may help find its way home in the event someone finds your bird.










I Found a Bird


If you have found a bird there are a few things you can do to help out. 


  • A lost bird is likely thirsty, hungry and scared so provide food and water if you are able to.

  • Safely capture the bird if possible. A pet travel carrier can make a good temporary home.

  •  If you are unable to provide care or unsure how to care for the bird please contact EBR or you local veterinary clinic for assistance.

Get the Word Out

Lost or found, getting the word out is essential. There is a variety of ways to let the public know you have lost or found a bird. Posting flyers in the area the bird was lost or found is a great first step. Call or give flyers to your local veterinary hospital and notify your local animal control or shelter. Run an ad in your local newspaper. Post your bird online by notifying us and other online sources. Clink on the links to the left to list your lost or found bird. Email us at EBR@Rescuebird.com if you have any questions.



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