Lucy - Eclectus

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Female

Not much is known about my previous  life except that I came to rescue with two broken wings. Don’t  let that scare you though. I am under vet care and appear to be healing nicely. As soon as I am medically cleared I will be looking for my forever home. The vet thinks I might be hatched in 2000 or 2001 which would make me a young bird.


I  am a stunning fully feathered big girl who loves to eat and will try anything at least once. I love all kinds of fruits and veggies like pineapple, pomegranate, kale, and lettuce.  I tend to put my carrots in my water for reasons unknown. Perhaps just to watch them float. Green beans are not a favorite and end up on the cage floor..yuk! My foster family feeds me a bit of birdie bread everyday which is truly a treat. I have been told by the vet I am a bit overweight so my new family will have to really monitor my food intake and put me on a diet.


I am not a fan of baths but probably with time to learn to trust I could be persuaded to take a shower with my human. My foster family will let me perch on their arm in the shower and spray me off. Taking a bath is so important to keeping my feathers healthy.


I love toys that I can shred and destroy. I had a couple of wooden ladders on rope that I made into toothpicks. My foster family said they can’t buy them fast enough. I am not a noisy bird but I do whistle and coo.


I have an affinity for young women and get very excited when I see one. My foster family has a young cage cleaner that I have fallen in love with and see every week. I watch for her to walk up the sidewalk on cleaning days. I have also decided my foster dad is my mate and try to encourage him to enter dark spaces I find in the home. I can lay eggs so care needs to be taken to discourage nesting during hormone season. Play on the floor encourages me to find those dark nesting spaces.


My foster home has dogs and I don’t seem interested in them. There are also other birds but we don’t interact.


Patience will be the key to establishing a relationship with me. But that is pretty normal with most birds so I don’t think I am all that unusual. Although my wings could have been injured by a trauma so I come with a bit of baggage. But my foster family says I will make someone a very nice sweet companion. Contact EBR if you are interested in meeting me once I am released by the vet.

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