Lucy & Ethel - Lovebirds

Hatch Dates: Unknown

Sex: Female

Bonded pair stays together

We are new to EBR. Our former owner loved us very much but because of her advanced age felt it was best we find a new home where we could get the attention and love we deserved. We are mother and daughter and very bonded. We are still in the evaluation stage but our foster family is enjoying having us chirp happily in our cage.

Our former owner could no longer spend time with us after an illness in her family so we have not been handled in quite some time.  We will take millet and seed from a hand so with some work we could be hand tamed again.

We like to swing and play with some toys. We should be offered lots of different toy options so we can decide which ones are interesting.

We seem to like some veggie like kale and should be offered lots of other options by our new home. Veggies are so important for keeping us healthy and happy. We also like pellets and will have it for a snack usually in the afternoon.

Water does not seem to bother us and we like our baths. Our new adoptive home should give us spritz baths weekly to keep us clean and our feather health perfect.

We have a hidey hut that we sleep in and will put ourselves to bed at night when tired. We are quiet until morning when the sun comes up.

If you are interested in pretty little birds to keep you company contact EBR. We are waiting to meet you.

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